Links & QRs

Print Codes, Download .zip, Location QR, Menu QR, Zone QR, Spot QR, Segment QR.

Feature Definition: “How to generate QR's and how to retrieve them.”

When to Use:

  • Dine in 
  • Takeout
  • Delivery 
  • Multi-Location

Benefits: Accessing QR's for marketing materials, promotional links, and discounts.


  • QR's store direct URL information allowing guest access sections of GoTab for ordering.    
  • The general hierarchy of QR's is as follows:
    • Location QR > Zone Group QR > Zone QR > Spot QR
      • Menu QR's operate semi-independently of Zones and Spots. 
      • See more about Menu's

QR Definitions:

  • Location QR: Opens the main location page for your venue 
  • Zone Group QR:  Opens your location home page with that Zone Group selected
  • Zone QR: Opens spot selecting within that zone. IE Bar Zone opens to select Bar Spots 1-10 
  • Spot QR: Opens the menu linked to that specific spot
  • Menus QR: Opens the specific menu created and hosted on the location page

Navigate to the QR's page:

The top of the QR's page you will see a toggle and 2 buttons:

  • Include Title: adds the name with the QR for easy identification (recommended to leave on)
  • Print Codes: Opens options to print from browser or download as a PDF
  • Zip: Downloads a zip file with QR's embedded. 

(1) Select or Deselect all QR's. For specific QR's click the checkboxes before downloading the zip or selecting print. 

(2) Main Location QR

(3) All Zone Group QR's

(4) All Menu QR's 

(5) All Zone QR's

(6) All Spot QR's

(7) All QRs tied to Unsecured Segments

(8) All QRs tied to Coupons

(1) Checkbox for specific QR selection to download

(2) Link to open the QR in browser and test scan

(3) Link copy to clipboard

Indication that the QR copy link was successful will display at the top of the QR's page.

Selecting the QR link (fig 2 above for test scan):

(1) Print / Download this single QR from browser

(2) Scannable QR for testing

(3) Scan from browser to test (no phone required)