What is a Menu

Menu Definition, Menu Use Cases

Menus are a compilation of items or whole categories meant to emulate physical menus in your establishment. Menu usage is optional, but serves as a great way to keep the presentation of items in your product catalog organized and concise. Menus should be used anytime you have more than one set of offerings.

Examples of use cases for Menus include:

  • Regular offerings such as Lunch, Dinner, KidsBrunch, or Happy Hour menus
  • Categorically differentiated menus such as Beer, Wine, Cocktail, or Food menus
  • One-off offerings such as Thanksgiving, St. Patty's, or Valentine's Day menus. 

Menus can be scheduled to be turned on or off at specific times or days of your choosing, automating the process of switching out menus throughout your establishment. You can also generate QR codes or links to specific menus, enabling you to promote any menu of your choosing, without the added print costs or time-consuming edits with a graphic designer. 

Pictures can also be added to enhance the presentation of your menu, and they will also present nicely on your location landing page. See below for examples of the landing page with menus enabled:

Your guests can scroll through your menus here on the left hand side. 

All the above menus are now interactable, and can be clicked on to view or order. Once a menu is selected, the categories chosen for the menu will show up below the Menu Dropdown:

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