How to enable 7shifts Clock-in Enforcement

Require employees to be clocked-in before they can access GoTab POS


  • Manager access to GoTab
  • Manager access to 7shifts
  • 7Punches
  • Intervention with GoTab Customer Support
  • 4 digit GoTab PIN length

Important Changes

  1. When employees are synced their GoTab PINs will update to match the 7shifts Punch Id.
  2. Users must Punch in/out using 7punches 

Clock-in Enforcement Summary

When employee is set to require clock-in enforcement GoTab will verify the user is first clocked-in to 7Punches before allowing them to access the point of sale. A user will attempt to enter their POS PIN and receive an error instructing them to clock-in. The user will be directed back to the PIN in screen each time until they are successfully clocked-in through 7punches. 

How to configure each user for Clock-in Enforcement

Before you proceed to step 1 of this section the employee sync must be complete. Additionally, it is important to have 7punches installed and configured for your staff before this change is made. 

Step One - Configure each user

Navigate to Users and select the 7shifts button next to Add New User. Within the modal select Manage Clock-In Enforcement.

Toggle on/off each user based your desired preferences. Select Submit and click X after the modal refreshes to exit. 

To confirm your changes saved successfully open the Manage Clock-In Enforcement modal and verify each user is set correctly or update the user/s and submit the changes again. 

Example error message when a user is not clocked-in attempting to PIN into GoTab POS.

Additional Information