How GoTab supports 7shifts Tip Pooling

7shifts tip pooling feature automatically imports sales data received by GoTab tip wage distribution and reporting.


  • GoTab and 7shifts manager user access
  • 7shifts tip pooling feature must be enabled and configured
  • GoTab & 7shifts employee syncing must be enabled and complete

For more information about how to set up 7shifts Tip Pooling please reference their product guide (

POS integrated Tip Pooling is a newer feature supported by 7shifts and there may be references in their documentation indicating only select POS integrations are supported. GoTab is one of them even if the document states otherwise.

Tip Pooling Feature Overview

When a tab (check) is closed in GoTab, the sales detail is exported into 7shifts. This means GoTab created a receipt in 7shifts to be referenced in various reports/features. The check details include line items, payment methods, tax amounts, fees/discounts applied, credit card tips, employee details and more.

Example check data sent to 7shifts:
  "receipt_id": "GoTab tab_id",
     "location_id": "7shifts location_id",
     "receipt_date": "20221230",
     "net_total": 2000,
     "gross_total": 2500,
     "total_receipt_discounts": 100,
     "tips": 300,
     "external_user_id": "GoTab user_id",
     "revenue_center": "GoTab Zone Name",
     "status": "closed",
     "order_type": "dine_in"
"receipt_lines": [
"external_category_ids": ["GoTab category_id"],
               "external_item_id": "GoTab product_id",
               "quantity": 1,
               "price": 2000,
               "gross_item_price": 2000,
               "net_item_price": 2000,
               "item_discount": 100,
               "status": "closed",
               "created": "20221230"
     "tip_details": [
             "type": "total = CC Tips",
               "value": 300

No additional configuration needs to completed in GoTab to "enable" tip pooling. The configuration happens when you connect the 7shifts integration and sync employees. To properly support the automated functionality of 7shifts tip pooling several components must be met. These components are discussed below.

Employee user mapping

GoTab employees must be synced with 7shifts employees. During the sync process, GoTab and 7shifts users are joined together by their unique identifiers (GoTab UserId + 7shifts EmployeeId). Now that 7shifts knows who our userId belongs to 7shifts can accurately connect the receipt details to the employee. 

Employee Time Clock Management

To access the tip pool feature you will require 7punches for time clocking or an Actual Labor integration through different service provider. This feature relies on employees' worked hours in order to redistribute tips. Additionally, the user must be clocked-in during the time the receipt (tab) was created. This applies to the employee listed on the receipt (e.g. server) and employees assigned as part of the tip pool (e.g. kitchen staff).

Employee Scheduling

Schedules must be created and published for the timeframe of any receipt to be applied in the tip pool. If not schedule is set and/or now employees were clocked-in the tips will be distributed to an unassigned classification.

Employee Departments and Roles

Have Role and Employee mapping completed in 7shifts. This will ensure that Employees will be assigned the correct tips, based on their hours and Roles.


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