Pack & Route: Route Planning

Feature Definition: GoTab's route planning feature allows you to create optimal routes for operators doing self delivery. Creating delivery routes is one of the core functionalities of the Pack & Route Dashboard (overview here).

Benefits: GoTab's route planning feature is perfect for operators who are looking to cut out third-party delivery platforms and take deliveries into their own hands. 


After checking the boxes next to the desired orders in the Pack & Route dashboard, you are able to create routes by the time that the orders are scheduled for, the shortest distance for your driver, or for the number of vehicles in your delivery fleet.


If calculating routes by time, the route planner will calculate the routes to each selected delivery location and suggest the required number of delivery vehicles in order to meet the delivery times requested by the customer. The system's algorithm takes into account the distance between delivery locations and traffic and will recommend the fastest route possible. 

In the example below, there are three delivery orders all scheduled from 2:30 - 3:00pm. In order for the delivery times to be met, two delivery vehicles are required. Clicking on the provided route will navigate you directly to Google Maps. We highly recommend delivery drivers use the GoTab concierge function, which allows them to access delivery routes and communicate directly with customers. 


If calculating routes by distance, the route planner will calculate the most direct route to each selected delivery location, ignoring the selected delivery times. Calculating routes by distance is ideal for locations that offer delivery within time-windows (e.g. market & grocery concepts or catered orders).