Concierge Overview

Basic walkthrough of the concierge display

Feature Definition: The concierge display allows you to easily message your guests and monitor takeout/delivery orders. The concierge display is most useful for operations that rely heavily on two-way text communication (e.g., hotels) and/or operators who are doing self-delivery.

Benefits: The setup of the display provides quick snapshot of outstanding customer messages and provides real-time updates on the status of orders.


The concierge display provides two basic functions:

  1. Watchtower: Display showing the status and location of all orders.
  2. Chat: Messaging platform allowing for easy two-way communication between you and your guest. 


The concierge display allows you to easily filter by zones or search for specific customer, whether for initiating a message, or just checking the status of an order. 


Learn how to set up a new display system here.