How to Reconcile your Cash Accounts

You can reconcile your Cash Account via the POS or in the Manager Dashboard.

It is recommended that operators reconcile their cash accounts daily. Cash accounts can be reconciled in the Manager Dashboard and the POS.

Reconcile Accounts on the Manager Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the processors page 
  2. Press reconcile account on the Cash processor 
  3. Enter in the amount left in the cash drawer on the correct account.

A single cash processor is able to hold and run multiple cash accounts simultaneously. This is because multiple servers/ bartenders are able to operate having their own cash account to their name, rather than all operating from the same one. This ensures they are only responsible for the cash they recieve. 

Note: You cannot reconcile an account if the amount is lower than the running balance, this is to mitigate against employees stealing from the cash drawer.

Reconcile Accounts on the POS

  1. To Reconcile a Cash Account on the POS, navigate to your POS Settings
  2. Press processors 
  3. Press reconcile accounts
  4. Input the reconciliation amount on the correct Cash Account

You also have the capability to require reconciliation at the end of the day which eliminates the possibility of someone trying to use the same cash drawer the following day. This is necessary when an operation is relying on the user report for servers to record accurate cash drawer information. 

You can configure this setting on the processors dashboard.

Click the pencil icon next to the cash account you wish to configure this setting for. 

Then toggle this on: 

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