Cash Paid In / Paid Out

Paid In / Paid Outs allow you to record cash transfers to and from a cash account.

Paid In/ Paid Outs are when cash is either added or taken from a cash drawer without a sale being made. 

Use Cases: 

  • Record Cash Tips
  • Take cash from the register to grab last-minute produce
  • Replenish a bartenders cash drawer with more money

Step 1: Set up your paid-in/paid-out account configuration: 

  • Click the gear icon next to your accounting page in the Manager Dashboard
  • Choose “configuration” on the top right corner
  • Press +create new stream
  • Create your new pay in/out account stream and choose “expenses” as the reporting group

Note: The default mapping of your pay in/outs will be to “Expense.”

Step 2: Set up the paid-in/paid-out reasons: 

  • Navigate to the processor's page in the Manager Dashboard
  • Click the pencil icon next to your already-created cash processor
  • Press +add new reason
  • Input a name, type, accounting stream, and description
  • Press submit

Step 3: Issue a paid-in/paid out: 

  • Press “More” on the POS
  • Choose Settings then navigate to Processors 
  • Find cash processor and hit View Accounts
  • Find your cash account and hit Pay In / Pay Out 
  • Enter Value and select reason then submit

Note: Paid In/Paid outs will only record on the user report if the setting "Require reconciliation after day" is toggled on. You can toggle this on in the processor's page by clicking on the pencil icon next to the cash processor. 

Step 4: View your Paid In/Paid Outs on the sales dashboard

  • You can view expense, quantity, and amount
  • A downloadable csv is available

Note: To access this feature, you will need the permission control: payments.