How To Create an Employee Discount

  • Click "Segments"
  • Add the segment


    • Click "Order Rules" and hit the + to create a  "Discount" 
    • Step 1 & 2: Name the discount after the group, "Employee Discount"
    • Follow Steps: 3 - 10  if you are creating a discount for the entire order or a specific product (click here)
    • Step 11: Click "Yes" 
    • To access the discount:
        • Click on Links & QRs, scroll to the bottom and print out the QR, send the specific group a text with a copy of the link (hit the blue copy link), or email the group an embedded link
        • For discounts on specific products, click on the product catalog to tag the item with "employeediscount" 
        • Feel free to create multiple employee discounts! Reach out to your account manager if you need assistance. 

      Discounts automatically appear at the end of the ordering flow upon check-out