How To Set-up The Phone Only POS

With our new Phone Only POS, simply use "Tap To Pay" with a credit card or mobile wallet to the back of your Pocket POS to accept payment.

Set-Up Tap to Pay

-There are no initial steps needed to activate the Tap to Pay functionality on your Pocket POS. 

-Tap to Pay now automatically populates on compatible devices** as a payment method.


Make Tap to Pay the Default

If you do not utilize an NYC1 with your Pocket POS or simply want Tap to Pay as the default, you can do so.

-Navigate to More--Settings--Devices & Printers in your POS.

-Set "Tap to Pay" as the "Default Payment Terminal Interface".

Tap to Pay as Default.jpg (1)

Note: The Default Payment Terminal Interface only affects the method of credit card payment the device will default to when authorizing a credit card. If "Tap to Pay" is chosen as the default, then your device will be expecting a tap of a credit card or mobile wallet to the back of the phone when attempting to authorize. If "Payment Terminal" is selected, then the device is expecting an authorization via the NYC1 card reader. 


How To Use

-Click Authorize (if default interface is set to "Tap to Pay") or click "Tap to Pay" from your payment method options.

-Tap mobile wallet or Tap to PayTap to Pay Icon capable credit card to the back of your Pocket POS as shown below.

Tap Back of Phone

-The phone will buzz with a small chime and you should see "card successfully read" on your POS.


-** Compatible with Samsung Galaxy A13 and Samsung Galaxy 14 phones running the GoTab POS app on Android. 

-Unlike credit card chip inserts, tap to pay cannot capture a guest's name for a tab. Our name prompt on pre auth feature can help. Learn more here