OpenTable Integration Summary

The integration between OpenTable and GoTab enables the two systems to communicate in real-time, streamlining the core information restaurants need.

With OpenTable, you can connect your tables and reservation data with your GoTab point-of-sale for a smoother-running, faster-turning, front-of-house. The integration gives you valuable insights into your guests’ spend, helps status tables, and highlights your revenue from each diner.

The OpenTable and GoTab integration is in BETA. If you are interested in using this new integration please contact

Restaurants using the integration can benefit from:

  • Improved table turnaround times with near real-time updates, so hosts know the status of every table.
  • Automated check (tab) creation once a meal is completed.
  • Quickly viewing information on past visits including average spend, previous order info and more, allowing staff to provide a greater level of customer familiarity and hospitality.
  • Interactive reports available anytime, anywhere, giving restaurateurs real-time access to restaurant performance, revenue, and more.

Automatically update your table statuses

The integration allows a table's status to automatically update in OpenTable for Restaurants to Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert, and Paid to help identify which tables will likely be available soon, helping hosts better plan for incoming reservations and waitlist parties. 

  • Manual Vs. Automated Status Update - look for the POS icon in the reservation history view. 
    For example, when GoTab updates a table status to “Paid”, the table will turn light green, just like when a host manually makes the update.
  • See how it works in OpenTable's video Auto statuses with POS Integrations.
  • Setting courses in GoTab is currently not supported with the OpenTable integration. Checks will only update with a "Paid" status.

View order details for current and past visits

Restaurants are able to view check details for current and past guest visits, allowing them to quickly learn more about their guests’ favorite menu items and provide more personalized service.
  • Total Spend (including subtotal, tax, and tip)
  • Ordered menu items
  • Server name
  • Date and time of POS check
  • POS check number
  • Details from past visits (in guest’s history tab)

Access check details by selecting the reservation and then tapping the total visit spend on the reservation card.

View guest spending and get notified in real time when a spend threshold is reached

View real-time and historical guest spending directly on your floor plan in the OpenTable for Restaurants iPad or iPhone app.
 A screenshot of real time spend alerts on iPad
Above: With the real-time spending view enabled, you can quickly identify the biggest spenders at your restaurant, identify tables that have hit spending thresholds, and receive in-service notifications when a table reaches a certain limit.

View real time guest spending on your floor plan

  1. Open the OpenTable for Restaurants app on iPad or iPhone.
  2. Navigate to Settings from the menu.
    1. Enter your passcode if you have passcode protection enabled. Learn more in the article: Passcode protection for key features.
  3. Select Preferences from the menu on the left.
  4. Activate the option: Enable real time visit spend view on floor plan.
    1. This must be activated for each individual iPad or iPhone.
  5. This will display the current guest spend above each table when you view your floor plan.
    1. If real time spend alerts are enabled, tables that spend over the spend amount you specify will be highlighted in green.
 Get notified whenever a guest spends over a specified amount
Guest Spend notifications are currently only available in the iPad app for OpenTable.
  1. Log in to the OpenTable for Restaurants website.
  2. Open the menu and navigate to Restaurant Settings.
  3. Select Notifications from the menu on the left.
  4. Review the section underneath real time spend alerts.
  5. Enter a spend amount in the box.
  6. Save your changes.
  7. Select the toggle next to real time spend alerts to activate the notification.
  8. Verify on your iPad that Show pop-up notifications is enabled.
    1. Open the iPad app, navigate to Settings, and then Notifications to access this option.
    2. If it isn’t enabled, notifications won’t appear on the device.

View historical guest spending in the reservation listing

  1. Choose the reservation in the Front of House list on the iPad app for OpenTable.
  2. Tap the clock icon at the top of the reservation card to access the reservation and guest history.
  3. Tap the Restaurant Activity tab to view the list of past visits, their party sizes, and the total visit spend.
  4. Tap the bill total to view the POS check from that visit.
Note: Reservations that do not have a matched POS check won't show total spend data for that visit.

Review POS details in Reporting

Owners and managers can dive deeper into their diners' spending as it relates to a diner's lifetime, a specific time frame, or specific reservations. This can better help restaurants identify their regulars and VIPs.

 Guest frequency report

  • Available details include: Total Spend, Tip Spend, Lifetime Total Spend, and Lifetime Tip Spend across a defined date range

Use the columns drop down to add POS details to a Guest Frequency Report.

Use the columns drop down to add POS details to a Guest Frequency Report.

Reservation report

  • Available details include: Total Spend (specific to a single reservation)

Use the columns drop down to add POS details to a Reservations Report.

Use the columns drop down to add POS details to a Reservations Report.

Guest spend tracking

  • Available details include: Lifetime Spend and Lifetime per Cover Spend
  • Included as part of the Guest Export functionality.

Track the revenue from your shifts

With the integration, owners and managers can quickly view the restaurant's revenue and check averages within the current shift or a past one. This allows them to compare revenue week-over-week and adjust planning accordingly.

  • In the Stats view of the home screen, the Revenue section shows gross sales for the currently selected shift.
  • A week-over-week comparison of same-day sales gives managers more context about today over history.

Tap on the Revenue section to see more details, including check average details showing the per-cover and per-party averages.
 rtaImage (7).jpeg
Above: The OpenTable owner app allows you to view the revenue totals for the shift using the Stats tab.

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