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KDS Settings Overview

Feature overview: Your KDS is where your guest's order will appear. This article will show you how to configure your KDS(s)

Please keep in mind that these setting changes are SPECIFIC TO EACH DEVICE

How to access your KDS Settings:

    • Auto Text on Dispatch: Customer will receive a text once their order is fulfilled letting them know it is ready. Great for pickup locations
    • Expo Station: Toggle ON, IF it’s the only KDS in operation at the venue or you are setting up the Expo station KDS
    • Show Prices: Display price of items on the order card
    • Show Duplicates Panel By Default: This button is a way of configuring, upon opening the KDS, whether you see the duplicate orders drawer (blue drawer on right side of the KDS) automatically or if you have to click it in order for it to be open. If enabled, the Multi-items bar on the KDS will appear by default. If disabled, it will appear collapsed by default.
    • Audio Alert (Incoming Orders): Turn on if you want an alert to sound every time an order comes in
    • Inactivity Audio Warning: This will let you know that an order has been unfulfilled or unattended to for a duration of your setting. Essentially, the KDS will make noise for X seconds if an order is unfulfilled.
    • Show up to (Scheduled Orders): How much time do you want in advance for a scheduled order to display (i.e. 1 hour, 1 day, 5 days, etc.)
    • Print Settings: This gives you the ability to print on dispatch. In other words, when you fulfill an order on the KDS, instead of having it print right away when it’s placed, it will only print after its fulfilled on the KDS. A use case here would be when you need chits printed for runners, but you don’t want your printer overwhelmed. You can have the orders come into the KDS with a printer next to it, choose that printer so that when you fulfill an order a chit prints and you give it to the runner.