How to Pay for an Occasion in Advance!

Guests can pay for an occasion in advance by using our event deposit feature!

Start in your Product Catalog: 

To set up an Event Deposit, you will first create an open product in your Product Catalog. 

Navigate to your Product Catalog > +add category > Create an Event Deposit category to keep this information concise > set the tax rate to 0.00%

Once you create your category press +add product within that category.


When setting up your Event Deposit product, be sure the tax rate is still 0.00% and that it is toggled on as an open priced product. 


Once you have created the product, you will need to tag the product as autograt exempt. 

Click back into the Event Deposit product, find the dark blue autograt exempt tag. It is important that you choose the already existing tag and do not create one yourself. 


Your product should now appear like this: 

Note: It is recommended that you have another product set up as an open item so you can choose the price of the deposit later on the POS. You can go through these same motions to create another open priced item, but you do not need to tag it "autograt exempt." 

Set Up your Event Processor

Once you have successfully created the Event Deposit product, navigate to your processors page and press +add processor. 

Type: Non-sales Revenue (Deposit) 

Name: Event Deposit

Search: The product name you just created

Product: Choose the product you created after searching

Press save. 

Now that you have successfully created your event deposit processor, navigate to your POS to put it to use! 

Create an Event Deposit in your POS:

Start a tab, then add your event product that you created earlier to the tab.

In this example I am ringing in my event product for $50 and naming it Event Test. 

Press pay and send. Collect the payment for this event deposit. You can now attribute these funds to whatever tab you create later on. 

How to Apply the Deposit to a Tab:

When you are applying this deposit to a tab, you will create a tab like normal.

Then, go to any items that need to be added to this tab (recommended that it is an open priced item) and submit the order. 

In this example, I am ringing in an open priced item of $50.

When I am done I will press pay and send and select "Event Deposit" as my form of payment.

You will then select the event deposit you rang in prior and press confirm. 

You have now successfully applied the event deposit to its correct tab! If the event deposit does not cover the full amount of the tab, you will need to collect payment for the remainder of the tab. 

Note: To apply an event deposit to a tab staff members must have the "manage: collections" permission. 

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As always, please reach out to or your account manager to answer any questions or concerns.