How To Manage Your Product Catalog

Learn how to build your menu out and add options

Managing your menu in GoTab is two-folds. First, create your menu category (Appetizers, Entrées, Beers, Cocktails, Etc.). Second, create products in that category (Burger, Fries, IPA, Etc.)

Name: Name of your item
Short Name: Shortened item name. This is what will display on your chits and KDS order cards
Category: Category that this item lives in
Base Price: The base price of this item
Display Price: This will override your base price. This is meant to add free text such as "Price Varies" (in case this item has modifiers) 
Max Order Qty: How many orders of this item can the guest place
Description: A description of this item. Great place to add allergy indicators such as GF
Revenue Account: Choose what revenue stream you want to associate this item with (i.e. Food, Alcohol, Merch, Etc.). Click the cogwheel to add a new revenue stream
Tax Rate: The tax rate of this item
Prep Time: This will display to the guest how long it will take to prepare this item
Stations: Where this item order will get printed to and sent to a station KDS
Status: This will enable the item on the menu

Manage Modifiers

Manage Your Menu2


Name: Name of the modifier
Short Name: This will display on the chit and KDS order cards
Description: Description of the modifier for the guest
Open Text Mod: A blank box for the guest to input any information about their order
Add Product As Option: Add an existing Product as an option (easily searchable) 
Price: This amount will be added to the item's base price
Add Option: Click this to add more than one option
Convert Back To Checkbox: Allow the modifiers to be presented in a checkbox design
Allow Multiple Selections: Allow multiple selections of each modifier
Require: Require the customer to choose a modifier

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