Full Service: Coursing Configuration

You can configure products to specific courses in your Manager Dashboard.

To begin configuring your courses, have GoTab enable coursing for your location. 

Navigate to Location Settings > Full Service, then press +Add Course

  1. Course Name: Name your course (Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts, etc.)
  2. Average Time Eating (seconds): Establishes how long the expected consumption time is for guests once the items from this course are delivered
  3. Auto-timed: When turned ON, this will ensure that the course is fired after a calculated amount of time (Previous course hold time + prep time + eating time) - (Current course prep time). When turned OFF, staff will need to manually fire items configured to this course to the kitchen (unless the trigger on fulfill is turned on). 
    • Example: Desserts have this set to ON and are set to fire after Entrees. The Dessert rung has a 5 min prep time. Entrees are being held for 10 minutes, have a 15 min prep time and a 20-minute eating time. The Dessert will be held for (10+15+20) - (5) = 40 minutes.
    • It is important that you have correct prep times configured for your items for this setting to work as intended. 
  4. Trigger on fulfill: The course will be triggered to fire after the course ahead of it has been fulfilled. 
    • This will take into account the eating time of the prior course and the prep time of items in the current course.
  • Note: If both Auto-Timed and Trigger On Fulfill are set to ON, the shorter time will be respected

Once your settings are configured to your liking, press save. 

To assign products to a default course, press the “manage products” option at the top of the page
From here, you can search for a specific category or course.
  1. Category: View all products within a category and select which items should be included in a course. 
  2. Choose “Set To” and select which course the selected products should be configured to. 
  3. Course: View all items configured to a specific course
  4. Choose “Set To” and select which course the selected products should be configured to. 
  • You can also filter both for category and course at the same time. 
  • When selecting products and choosing a course under “Set To” the products will automatically save to the course you select. 

Note: Setting default courses is optional and generally recommended for restaurants whose clientele expect their meals to be coursed. Products can always be manually assigned on a case-by-case basis via the POS or at checkout in the guest flow. 


  • Printed and KDS tickets default to print each course individually when they are fired
  • KDS Tickets can be set to view “Held” orders as well, displaying any courses not yet fired. These tickets will display in light purple with a countdown time before which their status will go from “Held” to “Fired.” This can be turned on for any individual KDS display:
      • KDS Settings
      • Toggle ON “Show Held Orders” 
  • For locations using Station Grouping: You can optionally set printing to print the entire table’s order, with each course broken out. If opted into this setting, there will be a “Fire” ticket that prints to indicate when each course should begin to be worked on.

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