Auto-Text on Fulfillment

You can configure your KDS to auto-text customers upon fulfilling an order.

To configure auto-text on fulfillment at your location, navigate to your zones. 

  1. Find the zone you want to configure this setting for and click on the zone settings
  2. Select "Yes" on the "Automatic Order Fulfillment Text" 

3. Navigate to your Display settings or KDS settings

4. Display Settings: Click on the gear icon next to the display of your choice and toggle on  "Auto Text" 

4. KDS Settings: Toggle on the first setting "Auto Text on Fulfillment"

When this is configured correctly, upon fulfilling a ticket on your KDS, a guest will automatically be sent a message letting them know their order has been fulfilled. 

To learn how to change the default messages that are sent upon fulfillment, click here