Location Settings: Messaging

Learn how to create custom messages, assign them as primary or default, and when to use custom messaging.


When a guest places an order, they automatically receive a confirmation text with their open tab or receipt whether the order is dine-in, takeout, or delivery. GoTab can be configured to send an automatic text when a server fulfills an order on the KDS. This allows your guest to know immediately when their order is ready. 

Activate Messaging on the Zone Level 

Be sure to activate order confirmation texts at each Zone.

  1. In the Manager Dashboard, navigate to Zones. 
  2. Click on the specified Zone
  3. Hit Update Zone 
  4. Make sure to check yes under Automatic Order Confirmation Text 

Under Location Settings, operators can manage guest messaging that correlates with the text & fulfill, text-order ready, and text-see staff prompts on the KDS. 

  • To create a new custom message, press +add message. 
  • To create a custom message for a zone, press the map icon on the message, then select the zone you want that message to apply to.



Messaging on the KDS 

In order to use the texting functionality, the guest must place an order on their phone. To text a guest, you will go to their ticket on the KDS screen and click ●●● . A modal will appear with different options. 

  • Text & Fulfill: This lets guests know their order has been completed and marks the ticket complete.
  • Text - Order Ready: This sends the guest a text to let them know their order is ready. Keep in mind this does not fulfill the order on the KDS.
  • Text see staff: This will send the guest a text to see the staff. 
  • Custom Chat: This allows employees to custom chat a guest. 

All of these chats live in the yellow chat bubble. 

Note: Guests can ONLY be texted if they have submitted an order via QR. Any takeout order from the POS will not send guests a text. 

KDS Text on Fulfillment 

On the KDS, turn on auto-text on fulfillment to alert guests who order takeout and delivery when their order is ready! 

  1. On the KDS, hit the ≡ in the left-hand corner
  2. Tap Additional 
  3. Hit Settings 
  4. Toggle on Auto-Text On Fulfillment (Takeout/Delivery Only)