Announcements allow the GoTab team the ability to directly communicate with our clients system wide to ensure they are up to date with the latest features and reminders via the announcements dashboard. In addition, operators with upper level permissions can create announcements within their location to alert their staff of any news. Announcements will immediately pop-up on the Manager Dashboard when posted. You can choose to remove an announcement when you log in, however, you can always refer back via the announcement page. 

To create an announcement at your location, navigate to the announcements page and click the + in the upper right hand corner. 

    • Official Announcement: Allows the announcement to automatically pop up when a user logs into the manager dashboard
    • Publish This Announcement To: Allows you to select the locations you are publishing an announcement to. You can use this feature if you are posting an announcement to multiple locations you operate. 
  • Title: Give the announcement a title. 
  • Text: The body of your announcement.