What to do if one printer is down (but other printers are working)

Note: Please make sure all cables are connected and your Wifi is working/has a strong connection. Ask if they have had any network changes recently.

Step 1: Power cycle the PRINTER. Power cycling means to unplug the power cord, wait 1 minute and plug it back in.


Step 2: Verify IP Address

How to obtain an IP Address from your printer

Main Method

  1. Turn off the printer
  2. While the printer is off, press and hold the feed button.
  3. While holding the feed button, turn the printer back on. Continue to hold the feed button until the printer prints network info chit

Alternative Method

  1. With the printer on, take a pen or paperclip and press and hold the small pin-hole button for 10 seconds by the network connection on the back. The printer should then print the network information on a chit. 

On the stations page, verify that the IP Address on the offline printer matches the IP Address provided on the network information chit. 

Step 3: Power cycle the GoTab Server Box

Step 4: If all else fails, reach out to Kyle to help troubleshoot further.