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What Servers Need to Know

Servers Please Read

It is critical that you understand the GoTab guest experience. Know that GoTab works in tandem with the typical dine-in experience.  

  • Hosts should greet the guest at the door and explain the ordering flow (scan the QR, add products to your cart, create a user - if new, and open a tab or pay) 
  • Walk the guest through the menu and note favorite products
  • Check-in with each guest often
  • Increase tips by having more touch points with the guest. Our most successful locations, place a huge emphasis on the human experience of dining. GoTab allows servers to spend more time guiding the guest experience.


     STOP and test this QR

Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 10.00.03 AM

*NOTE: The guest must enter a credit card before their order is placed and sent to the kitchen 

Creating a New User

Guests will be prompted to enter the phone number and they will be texted a 5-digit code

  • From here the guest can open a tab to order and pay

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