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Steps for updating a pax prior to connecting it

1. Turn on the PAX device, this will automatically open the "Handpoint" application, this is the application that performs the processing.

2. Press the circle button, at the bottom of the screen, to return to the home page.3. Select the "PAXSTORE" application

4. Search the "PAXSTORE" for "Handpoint"

5. Press the green update button on the "Handpoint" app in the "PAXSTORE"

6. Wait for the update and install to complete, this may take a few moments.

7. After completing the update and installation, press the circle button at the bottom, then press the square button, then press "Clear All" on the top right-hand corner.

8. Select the "Handpoint" application. It should prompt you for language and currency.

9. It may say "Not connected" with a red X which is good. It is not fully hooked up until we are out there for the launch, so that view is expected. We just want to make sure that a skull image does not pop up. We haven't seen this much, but we were not made aware of the issue till after your shipment was sent and want to verify ahead of time that none of the devices sent to you were affected.

10. Go to the payment terminals page and hit register then confirm  to link device based on the serial number