POS: Split Pay

The POS Split Pay functionality allows you split payment seamlessly across multiple tender types or split items onto new checks.

To use Split Pay, press "Split Pay" at the bottom of the tab. 

Update Split Pay-1

You then have a few options: 

  1. Split the tab evenly
    1. Press "split evenly" on the top right corner and choose how many ways you want to split the tab
    2. Pay for each new check on this screen
  2. Select items to split onto new tabs
    1. Press "add check split" to add as many new checks as you need
    2. Select the items you want to move, then choose the correct check
    3. Pay for each new check on this screen
  3. Press "Reset" on the top right to revert back to the original check 

Note: If you exit out of the split pay screen, your changes will be saved when you click back into to collect payment. 

"Paid" will appear at the top of each check as you accept payment.