Refund Mode

The refund mode feature allows a manager to issue a credit back to a guest, most commonly used for refunding keg deposits.

Turn on Refund Mode

Navigate to Locating Settings--Displays Settings--POS Refund Mode

Note: If refund mode is not visible to you in your manager dash, please reach out to your customer success manager to turn on for your location.

Refund Mode Location Settings

Refund Mode on POS

With the feature now turned on at your location, any user with the manage:refunds permission will have access to refund mode. When in refund mode, the process to enter product(s) and process an amount back to a credit card is essentially the same as entering an order and processing payment normally.

POS for Refund Mode

  • Click Refund Mode (noted in red at the top of the tab)
  • Add product(s) to be refunded
  • Click Issue Refund

Refund Mode Keg Deposit

The payment flow from here is the same as normal. You're prompted to choose the refund payment method.

Refund Mode Payment Terminal

Once you've issued payment back, refund mode tabs are noted in red under your closed tabs.

Refund Mode Closed Tab

Note: Tabs entered and processed back via refund mode do not show as adjustments, discounts or refunds on your sales page. You're creating a new tab and crediting the amount back to a guest, which is different than choosing an already existing tab and refunding.