POS: Server Spot Assignments

Assign your servers sections ahead of their shifts.

You can assign your server's sections from the POS ahead of each shift. 

Navigate to your POS Settings: 

  1. Select Spots & Menus
  2. Choose "Spot Assignment"
  3. Select the tables you want to assign to a server
    1. You can also filter by users to quickly select all tables assigned to one user
  4. Choose the user you wish to assign the selected tables to
  5. Press Submit

If items have been rung in on a table that is not assigned to a server, you can quickly transfer the table to the user's name. 

Navigate to More:

  1. Press Transfer
  2. Choose the tab(s) you wish to transfer 
  3. Press "transfer" on the bottom left corner
  4. Choose the user you would like to transfer the tab(s) to
  5. The newly assigned user will now be the owner of the tab(s )and the sales and tips will show on their user report 

Note: Transferred tabs will only transfer the specific tabs. It will not assign the spot of the transferred tab to the user's name indefinitely. '

Depending on your operational style, when switching from AM, MID, or PM shifts, you may want to reassign your tables to new users or switch a server's section around. Additionally, you can configure your spot assignments to reset each day ensuring you always start with a blank slate. 

To configure this, navigate to Location Settings > Edit 

  • Display Settings
  • Clear Spot Assignment Daily: Toggle ON

Note: QR-initiated orders from any user's assigned spots will allocate the sales and tips from those orders to the assigned user.