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Payment Terminal Device Set-Up Guide

Step 1: Ensure the location has a Paysafe processor account number. If they do not, send them the Paysafe Merchant ID application. The deployment team works on provisioning the device and contacts El from Paysafe to connect it

Step 2:  Send the bill to the customer via GoTab Shop

Step 3: Submit a deployment form with shipping info and link to the order tab 

Step 4: Wait at least 72 hours for the device to arrive 

Step 5: Once the customer has received it, turn it on, connect to wifi and open the Handpoint app

Step 6: Go to payment terminals and select view unregistered payment terminals 

Step 7: Verify the serial number of the device against the serial number displayed on the screen. If they match, click register and confirm

Step 8: The device is now linked. Assign it on the POS under Settings and select the device by serial number

Step 9: Run a test. *Check your bank statement and make sure the transaction says the merchant name and not "USAePAY." Contact Paysafe if it doesn't say the merchant name