What is a Throttle, Creating a Throttle, Editing a Throttle, Scheduling a Throttle, Setting a Time for a Throttle

Feature Definition: “How to throttle incoming orders.”

  • Previously each zone had the ability to set a maximum number of orders per time slot. These throttles can now be created independently and applied to multiple zones. For example, a location may want Takeout and Delivery to share the same throttle.
  • This feature replaces the old zone setting and many locations will already have throttles set up that were migrated.
  • Throttles can only be assigned to Takeout/Delivery zones.
  • These new throttles can have a specified number of orders per time slot or a an order subtotal per time slot (which may be more indicative of work).
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The zones must have the same schedule step (15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.) to share a throttle.

The Throttle button at the top right is available on all zones pages and is used to add/edit/delete throttles. Set a throttle on a zone by clicking the Set Throttles dropdown shown in the lower left.

Throttles can be reordered and enabled/disabled. Editing a throttle allows the user to change the order/subtotal limits. The two date icons allow the user to set a schedule (time/day of the week) and dates for when the throttle takes effect.

Throttle Creation