How to Open a Tab

Open tabs, closing tabs, leaving tabs open, preauthorization, default tip

Feature Definition: Opening a tab while placing your first order

Benefits: Open tabs benefit both the user and the restaurant. By opening a tab the customer only has to pay once, can add to their tab seamlessly, and only pay tax and fee a single time. Meanwhile the location saves money on credit card processing. Everyone wins. 


There are two ways to open a tab while ordering through GoTab. We will cover both methods in this article. In both examples, we are making the assumption that you just scanned a QR code on your table and GoTab has appeared on your browser. The first method is the easiest and involves toggling the "Open Tab" switch on while checking out. Let's cover that method first. 



The following screenshot is an example of what your "review tab" might look like after you have browsed the menu and added items to your cart:

As you can see there is a toggle button at the bottom of your screen, just above your payment method. This button will keep your tab open and allow you to continue placing orders at this location on a single open tab. 

Note: When you open a tab this way, we will "preauthorize" your card for the value of the items in your first order plus a default tip as determined by the location. We do this to ensure that your card is active and has sufficient balance to cover your order. You may notice a separate charge on your bank statement as a result of this preauthorization, but this charge will disappear after 1-3 business days. 



The second way to open a tab is by selecting the "Open Tab" button that appears when you first scan a QR code. This method offers some added functionality which we will cover here.

The next screen you see after clicking the above button prompts you to name your tab and choose whether or not you want others at your table to be able to join your tab:

We will cover sharing tabs in another training, but note that if you open a tab this way and share it, people at your table will be able to join (for a predetermined amount of time) by scanning the same QR code on the table and entering your name exactly as you typed it in.

If you do choose to open a tab this way, your card will be preauthorized for $1. As before, this charge may appear on your card statement but will disappear after 1-3 business days.


Note: In both examples of opening a tab, there is no penalty for failing to close the tab. Because we already preauthorized your card, if you forget to close the tab manually, our system will close the tab automatically at the end of the business day and your card will be charged a default tip (determined by the individual location).