Multi-Operator Management: What is it?

GoTab’s Multi-Operator feature allows locations operating with multiple tenants to use one QR code, enacting a seamless ordering process. Each vendor will individually manage their products and menus on their own dashboard. In addition, vendors will have access to only their own sales and tabs, while also receiving their payouts directly with their vendor allocations already deducted and paid to the parent location. 

What qualifies as a "Multi-Operator?"

  1. Food Halls
  2. Entertainment Venues
  3. Food Truck Events
  4. Any multi-unit restaurant venues

Our Multi-Operator feature allows all tenants to operate in tandem giving guests the ultimate ordering experience. 

  1. Guests are able to scan and order on one QR code that showcases all vendor menus for the operation.
  2. Guests will pay for their tab, leaving an overall tip to be allocated by percentage of sales to each vendor. 
  3. Vendors will only be able to view, prepare and fulfill their menu items. (They are also only able to manage their products on the KDS)