KDS: Ticket Functionality

Ticket Functionality [ ●●● ] 

On the KDS, when the display is in expo mode, there is greater functionality to engage with the the tickets.

Texting Customers

 In order to use the texting functionality, the guest must place an order on their phone. To text a guest, you will go to their ticket on the KDS screen and click ●●● . A modal will appear with different options. 
  • Text & Fulfill: This lets guests know their order has been completed and marks the ticket complete.
  • Text - Order Ready: This sends the guest a text to let them know their order is ready. Keep in mind this does not fulfill the order on the KDS.
  • Text see staff: This will send the guest a text to see the staff. 
  • Custom Chat: This allows employees to custom chat a guest. 

All of these chats live in the yellow chat bubble. 

Prep All Items

This will prep all items on the ticket. Each item will appear with a fork and knife icon symbolizing the item has been prepared. Note hitting prep all items will not fulfill the ticket. 

Print To

If you would like to print a chit, you can direct the printing. 

Reset Order

 Hitting reset order will unmark any item marked as prepared or sent. This will not impact the ticket time. 


This will send the ticket to the front of the KDS screen and display "RUSH" across the top to indicate to the kitchen staff the ticket needs to be rushed. 

Batch Orders

Orders from the same spot ordered within a customizable time frame will display together on the KDS.