Joining a Segment as a New User

Join a segment, access a coupon, create an account

If you are an active GoTab user then joining a segment or accessing a coupon is as simple as scanning a QR code or clicking a link. However, if you are a new user, there is one additional step which we will review in this article. 

*To review a full article focused on creating a GoTab account click HERE


A segment is a group of customers to which special circumstances may apply. For example, an employee segment may give all users enrolled in a segment 50% off. Alternatively, users in a separate segment may receive a $25 voucher. The following steps explain how a new user will join an existing segment to accept their coupon, discount, voucher, etc. 


1. Scan the segment QR code or click the segment link:

2. If you are not an active GoTab user, the first thing you will see on your screen is a prompt for you to enter your phone number and verify your device.


3. Once you have entered your cell phone number we will send you a 5 digit verification code that you will need to enter to confirm your device is active. 


4. At this point you will be given the option to enter a payment method. Entering a payment method is not mandatory to join the segment, but you will need to enter a payment method before making a purchase.

5. Once you have entered your payment method you will be rerouted to the location home page which will show a message confirming that you have entered the segment. 


5. At this point you are enrolled in the segment. Whatever rules exist on that segment (e.g. 10% off all orders) will apply to you as you continue ordering at that location: 


If you have additional questions about creating a segment or discount please reach out to us at!