Inventory Management

Out of Stock Action Definitions:

  • Nothing: When your stock level hits 0, nothing will be adjusted to the corresponding item.
  • Disable Product: When your stock level hits 0,  the item will be disabled and remove from the customer-facing menu until you manually re-enable it again.
  • 86 Product: When your stock level hits 0, the item will be marked as temporarily out of stock on the customer-facing menu and put back in stock the following morning automatically.

    You can upload Inventory via CSV from the Inventory dashboard. You can download and re-upload the CSV with adjustments for easier mass edits.

  • Stock Level: The amount of a certain product you currently have (ex: 15 orders of chicken parm for the rest of the day)
  • Reserved: The amount of a product that has already been placed for future orders
  • Available: The amount of a product left available after the reserved orders
    (Stock level - Reserved = Available)

Benefits: This is a great tool to use when you have daily/weekly specials, or you are running low on specific products. Set the count to the amount you have in stock, the system will let you know how many of that  product is reserved (placed for a future order) and how many you have available to sell. Once the inventory level hits zero it will automatically trigger the out of stock action you have chosen (86/disable). No need to be going in and 86ing products every time you run out of something. Just set it and forget it!