Cash Due to the House/Server

The user report on the POS will show cash due to the house/server.

By viewing a user report on the POS, servers will be able to see if they owe the house or if the house owes them at the end of the night. We calculate this total based on a server's cash sales vs. credit card tips. 

  • Cash Due to the House: The server owes the restaurant the cash due total at the end of their shift. 
    • When a server has cash due to the house, it is because their cash sales are greater than their credit card tips. Servers will be able to keep the remaining amount they do not owe. This amount will contain their credit card tips and cash tips. 

  • Cash Due to the Server: The house owes the server the total amount. 
    • When cash is due to the server, it is because credit card tips were greater than cash sales. The server may have some or no cash on them. The cash they do have is theirs to keep and the house will owe them the amount on the user report. 

To access a user report navigate to the POS

  • More > Report
  • Choose date
  • Choose a user (only users with manager-level permissions will be able to choose other users)