How to view your GoTab Accounting Reports

NOTE: Accounts can now be viewed in aggregate across multiple locations. If you have access to multiple locations you can select “All Locations” from the dropdown rather than an individual location to view all data.

Business Day: The period during which payments were collected.
Net Sales: The subtotal of products purchased less discounts and refunds.
Service*: The Covid service charge collected on the subtotal.
Tax: The tax collected on the subtotal of products purchased.
Gratuity*: The Tip tendered during the displayed period.
Merchant Fee: The merchant fee to be subtracted from the gross amount.
Processor Fee: The processor fee to be subtracted from the gross amount.
Payout: The amount owed by the payment processor.
Detail: Click this column to display a categorical breakdown of the subtotal and tax.

Managers can now view accounting data in two different ways (detailed below):

1. Accrual basis accounting
- Revenue is recorded when it is earned. This report is made up entirely of transactions that take place on a single business day. Unpaid tabs (outstanding balances) are recorded in the Accounts Receivable category while payments made against outstanding balances are recorded in the Funds Received category.

2. Deposit view- Payouts are recorded under the deposit view. This report is made up of entire payouts for any given location. 

If you have any questions regarding this release, please do not hesitate to contact us at or reach out to your Account Manager.