How To Share Your Open Tab

Step 1: Click Menu Bar

Step 2: Open Tab

Step 3: Click Open

For large parties that are at seperate tables, DO NOT click "Allow others to join" as that will auto-populate the spot of the original orderer.

For parties at a single table (or spot), DO check off the box that says, "Allow others to join." 

Large parties with guests at multiple spots:

For parties at a single table (or spot):

Step 4: Share open tab via text or you can print your QR Code by taking a screenshot, crop the QR, email it yourself and print. This way your guests can order off your open tab around the event. 

How to place an order on your order tab

Step 1: Navigate back to menu and tap to order

Step 2: Click Review

Step 3: Click Order

How to close your open tab

Step 1: Click Review Tab

Step 2: Click Pay