How to pay with a Gift Card

Physical Gift Cards

To pay for a tab with a physical gift card, choose "GoTab Gift Card" as the payment method. 

Then, scan the gift card using the device's camera, barcode scanner or input the gift card number. Enter PIN if your processor is set to require a PIN (optional setting). 



Digital Gift Cards

When a user has a digital gift card on their GoTab account, they will have the option to apply their gift card balance. Gift cards cannot be used to open a tab, however, once the tab is open and the guest is ready to pay they can apply their gift card balance. A payment will deduct from the gift card balance. Gift cards with $0.00 balance are removed.

If a guest has a gift card for your location on their account, they will automatically see the option to use the gift card for payment. They can easily press the "x" to remove the gift card as a form of payment for the tab.

Guess Payment Split Between CC and GC


If the gift card does not cover the entire check balance, the guest must select, "Or use with another card" and a split payment modal will appear. The guest can choose which cards they wish to split payment across. 

Guess With Multiple CCs

The guest can assign each card a balance. 

Paying with a Digital Gift Card on the POS

If a guest wants to use their digital gift card to purchase a tab created by a server on the POS, they can do so.

From the QR ordering, have a guest navigate to their account settings or use this link: 

  • Press the account icon on the top right corner
  • Press Settings

  • Have the guest scroll down to gift cards and select the QR icon next to the correct gift card

Use the POS device's camera to scan the gift card for payment or input the digital gift card number.