How to enable 7Punches App Switching

GoTab supports 7Punches app switching from an Android device to enable 7Shifts time clock management tool set.

To activate 7Punches App Switching GoTab operators must first activate and configure their 7Shifts integration. Please review these steps before proceeding with the setup of 7Punches on GoTab POS.


  • Android OS tablet or device 
    • Currently 7Punches and 7Shifts Android apps are not available on Pax A920 Pro
  • GoTab POS Display
  • 7Shifts account  

Step One - Create / Activate  a POS Display

For 7Punches app switch to work properly operators will need to install the GoT Ops application on their Android device. 

Step Two - Install and Log in to 7Punches 

  • From the Google Play Store search and download 7Punches 

How to use 7Punches with GoTab

Now that the GoT Ops POS display is set up and activated and the 7Punches app is installed your staff can now punch in/out. 

  1. Open GoTab POS and select Clock in/out
  2. When Clock In/Out is selected, the 7Punches app will automatically open to the punch screen. 
    7Punches Button
  3. After an employee punches in/out on 7Punches the user will be redirected back to GoTab POS to enter their PIN to access the point of sale. If the user needs to clock out for break, they will again press the Clock in/out button on GoTab POS.

For additional information about 7Punches please visits 7Shifts support center to view their getting started guide.

Demo Video

HubSpot Video