How to Configure the BarTrack Integration

Bartrack is a one way integration that pulls order data from GoTab and outputs custom reporting in the BarTrack application. 

Integration Overview 

Bartrack is an inventory management and draft system optimization software/hardware product suite that monitors tap efficiency and waste. The hardware component is a proprietary, non-intrusive beverage sensor installed on the beverage lines that measures transferred product volume and tap system conditions. This  results in the best possible drinking experience for the customer, all while saying goodbye to foam-filled beers and adios to unaccounted pours. 

By enabling the integration Bartrack will pull near real-time order data to ensure inventory and tracking reports are accurate and up to date. 

How it Works:  

In order to achieve this goal, BarTrack has developed a proprietary, revolutionizing technology which utilizes a non-intrusive beverage sensor that measures product  volume  and  system  conditions  in  real-time.  When your integration is connected BarTrack generates data and analytics that provide establishments with greater insight into what was poured and what  was sold—providing a detailed breakdown of where, when and under what conditions losses or increases occur. 

By  identifying  the  source  of  their  waste  so  that  the  causes  can  be addressed and thereby increasing yields, mitigating loss, and running the business with improved operational efficiency. Our Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports breakdown keg yields and beverage costs, helping the customer make more informed and data-driven decisions to increase their bottom line. 

Step One - Contact GoTab Customer Support

To enable Bartrack at your location/s, GoTab's customer support team must manually enable the connection. GoTab will provide BarTrack's onboarding support team with our location account name and location Id. Please email

Step Two - Map GoTab products with BarTrack

Once the integration is connected, operators need to manually map their GoTab products to BarTrack products within the BarTrack application. BarTrack will pull closed order data throughout the business day and once a day as defined by the operator for the previous day’s reporting to account for any end of fiscal day adjustments.