How to Configure the BarTrack Integration


Bartrack is an inventory management and draft system optimization software/hardware product suite that monitors tap efficiency and waste. The hardware component is a proprietary, non-intrusive beverage sensor installed on the beverage lines that measures transferred product volume and tap system conditions.

Bartrack is a one way integration that pulls data from GoTab POS and outputs custom reporting in the BarTrack application. 

Note: once the integration is complete, operators will manually map their GoTab products to BarTrack products within the BarTrack app. BarTrack will pull data from GoTab POS once a day as defined by the operator for the previous day’s reporting.

Step One

Contact Chris Jennings, Ray Hsieh, or Mateen Habib to enable the Bartrack agent within the client manager dash:

  1. GoTab Internal > Agents > Add Agents > BarTrack
  2. Enable the Bartrack toggle under “Configured Agents”

Step Two

Chris Jennings or Ray Hsieh to contact Khauri to add the new client location to his user account (currently linked to Bartrack's API access_ID)

Step Three

Contact Nick Cyr (BarTrack POS Integration Team Lead) to enable the API connection.

Upon confirmation the connection has been enabled, the integration is live. 

Support Contact Information

For internal integration questions, contact Ray Hsieh. 

For BarTrack support issues, contact Nick Cyr,