How to Change a Tip

Edit a tip, choose a default tip, enter a custom tip

Feature Definition: Tip the exact right amount

Benefits: Whether you want the simplicity of choosing one of the preset tip options, or entering a custom tip, GoTab has you covered. 


When you close out your tab at GoTab you will be prompted to enter a tip on the review tab screen. You will notice that there are three default % options as well as a custom tip amount:

For the most simple tipping experience, choose one of the preset options and your tip will be calculated automatically. 

You are also welcome to select the "custom tip" option to the right of the 3 preset options. Choosing this option will expose a field where you can enter the exact dollar value that you want to tip:

Regardless of your tip value, the subtotal, taxes & fees, and tip will be added together automatically and displayed in the "Total" row. You then have the option to choose a payment method before moving on to close the tab. 


In rare cases you may encounter locations that choose to hide the default tip selector. In these cases you still have complete control over how much you tip, you just need to select the "Change" button on the tip row as displayed below: