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Most Frequent Questions

What is this GoTab charge? 

Hi, you recently were at a restaurant, bar, or brewery that uses GoTab as their ordering platform. Think back to all of the yummy things you've consumed!


Why do I have multiple GoTab charges on my account? 

You recently went to a restaurant, bar, or brewery and opened a tab. When you open a tab, as a security measure a hold is placed on your credit card to ensure sufficient funds. The hold will lift in a couple of days and is bank dependent. 


How do I find my receipt?

Go to

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I bought a gift card, where is it?

  • Click the link in your SMS txts to view the gift card.
  • Click on the arrow and send the gift card directly to the recipient.
  • Due to security measures, the recipient must click on the link within 48 hours, however, they can use it whenever.
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In venue, please help! 

What do I do if I can't scan a QR? 

Go to and click "Find Nearest Location" or enter your address. 


What do I do if I do not receive a verification code?
If you do NOT receive the code you may need to try up to 3 times.


Why won't Apple Pay work? 

Apple pay only works in safari. Apple pay does not work when opening a tab.


How do I leave a tip?

Upon paying, you'll be asked to leave gratuity, please double check the amount.

Out with My Friends 

How do I share my tab?

Scan the table QR and click "Share Tab." 

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How do I split pay? 

Once you add products to your cart and click "Review Order." If you've opened a tab, you'll be able to split pay at the end of your dine-in experience. 

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What if I want to pay separately?

You and everyone in your party can separately scan the QR and place orders. 


How do I switch my spot? 

Pull out your camera and scan the new QR. 


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