Finding Tabs

My Pending, My Open, My Closed, All Open, All Closed, Search and Previously Unpaid for tabs

My Pending: Any tabs you have started under your PIN but have yet to order on.

My Open: All tabs that are currently open under your PIN. You can hop back into a tab at any time to order more.

All Open: All tabs that are currently open, this includes tabs that have been started by other servers using the POS, as well as open tabs started by guests via a QR code. You can hop into any of these and add to the order. 

Note: Any tabs with a card icon by their name means there is a card on file. 

My Closed: All closed tabs that were started under your PIN.

All Closed: All closed tabs from the day from both tabs that servers closed via the POS as well as tabs closed by guests via a QR code. You can add a tip, issue a refund, print the receipt or reopen the tab as needed.

Search: You can search for a tab by the tab name.

You can also view previously unpaid tabs. This allows you to view any tabs you may need to still collect payment for from previous days.