Creating A Modifier

Name, Short Name (KDS/Ticket facing), Description, Adding Options, Adding Products, Required Modifiers, Default Modifiers, Allow Multiple, Open Text Modifiers, Copying a Modifier, Editing a Modifier

Feature Definition:  How to create modifications to your products.

Step 1: Click the + Sign to add a new modifier

Step 2: Add your options and toggle on Require (if necessary)

Name: Name of the modifier
Short Name: This will display on the chit and KDS order cards
Description: Description of the modifier for the guest
Open Text Mod: A blank box for the guest to input any information about their order
Add Product As Option: Add an existing Product as an option (easily searchable) 
Price: This amount will be added to the item's base price
Add Option: Click this to add more than one option
Convert Back To Checkbox: Allow the modifiers to be presented in a checkbox design
Allow Multiple Selections: Allow multiple selections of each modifier
Require: Require the customer to choose a modifier