How to set-up a Customer Facing Display

The Customer Facing Display allows guests to view their entire order and pay for it via a payment terminal.

Customer Facing Displays (CFDs) help enhance your guests experience by allowing them to view their order, pay, and tip all in one go. 

Note: To use the Customer Facing Display you must have a PAX Pro.

  1. Download the GoTab app on the Pax from the Paxstore. (Purple icon) 

2. Navigate to your Manager Dashboard on a computer, go to the "Payment Terminal" page. Click the QR button under the associated payment terminal.

3. Navigate back to your payment terminal, and open the app on the PAX Device and choose CFD.
4. Hit the scan button on the left of the Pax
5. Use the Pax scanner to scan the QR displayed on the manager dashboard.
6. (Optional) If you are looking to utilize EasyTab along with the CFD, turn on EasyTab in the POS Settings.

  • Message our support staff or your account manager to enable EasyTab on your location.
  • Next, go to your POS Settings > Devices and Printers > Make sure a CFD is selected > toggle on Prompt Easy Tab on Preauth

Note: Please make sure the POS is only connected to the CFD and not a payment terminal. 

  • Settings > Devices and Printers > Select Payment Terminal "None."

If you need any assistance setting up your CFD, reach out to your Account Manager or GoTab support at!