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Cash Drawer Set-Up Guide

Step 1: Connect cash drawer to the printer via RJ11 cable

Step 2: Go to location --> Stations --> select the has cash drawer option for the printer attached to the cash drawer

Step 3: Go to Displays --> select settings (gear icon) for the POS display you are setting up --> toggle on printer with cash drawer (only select one)

Step 4: Go to location --> Processors --> Select Add Processor

Step 5: Set gateway to external --> set name to Cash --> turn on accrue balance  --> click save

Step 6: Select view accounts --> select add account 

Step 7: Select the display you want --> select the station you want attached to that display --> add a starting balance --> select the user the drawer is assigned to --> click save

Step 8: To test, perform a transaction with cash. Please note, cash payment is only available to the user assigned to the cash drawer

Step 9: Test drawer kick by pressing the "No Sale" button on the POS