Call Number Prompt

The call number prompt feature allows you to add an automatic POS prompt to enter a call number for an order. (Think buzzer or number you call out, not phone number)

How to Use Call Number Prompt

Often, people will use a buzzer system to notify a guest that an order is ready. With the call number prompt, we have provided the opportunity for an automatic prompt to pop up in your POS where a server can enter a buzzer/call number to an order. 

Now with the information listed on the tab and printed orders, a server can go to the independent buzzer platform and enter this call number to notify a guest an order is ready.


Call number on a tab in the POS.

Call Number on Tab in POS-2

Call number on the KDS and printed kitchen chit.

Call Number on KDS (3)   Buzzer on Kitchen Chit (2)

How to Setup a Call Number Prompt

You can set the prompt up either directly in your POS or from the Displays page in your GoTab manager dashboard. 

-From the Displays page.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 165647

-From the Devices & Printers settings in your POS.

Prompt Call Number (1)

-Prompt is the description for the action the server will be taking. In this example, we want them to enter the guest's buzzer number.

-Display is what will show on the tab or as in the printed kitchen chit shown previously. 

Prompt Staff Instructions Display on Tab & KDS-2

Once you've configured and saved your prompt, your servers will now be prompted to enter a call number on every order sent. In the examples provided, we're asking to Enter a Buzzer Number.

Enter Call Number Modal-2