Adding Users + Creating a Pin

Feature Definition: Allow your staff to access the GoTab manager dashboard and determine which elements of the GoTab platform each individual should have access to.

Benefits: By restricting who has access to the GoTab Manager dashboard, you can ensure that your system is secure and only essential employees have the correct permission to make changes to the platform. Take your security one step further by using our audit log to see which user made which change.


Adding a new user and assigning users a personal pin number is extremely simple. Follow these simple steps to get your staff up and running in no time:

1. Navigate to the Manager Dashboard on your web browser (

2. Scroll down on the left nav-bar until you see the tab "Users"

3. Select "Add New User" on the right side of your screen

4. Enter the Name, Email, and Personal Cell of the person you want to have access to GoTab. Then check the boxes next to the permissions you want that person to have. The main relevant permissions are listed below. You can and should give users more than one permission. For example, a location admin should have both Manage & Control.

Manage: Basic manager permission. Allows user to refund, update menu, see financials, add display systems, and more 

Control: Highest permission. Should be given to primary manager and other admin

Server: Lowest permission. Only allows a staff member to take orders 

5. Click confirm. This new user will now be able to access GoTab by going to and logging in with their name and cell phone (entered exactly as you entered them into the system).

Once a user is in the system you can always go back and change their access level. To do this navigate back to the users page and select the pencil icon next to the user you want to edit:

On the window that expands from the right side of your screen, select the green "Add Permission +" to give a user new permissions, or choose the "X" next to an existing blue permission to remove a permission. 

Finally, in the same "edit permissions window, assign a Pin by clicking the button indicated by the purple arrow above. Before you do this, you will need to ensure that the user has the "server" permission:

Once you select "Assign Pin +" a 4 digit code will be immediately texted to the user on file at the cell phone number associated with their account.