KDS: Product Delays and 86'ing Products

86/Disable your items on your KDS:

Please note that when 86'ing options they are defaulted to enable the following day. If you would like to change this setting and have products be enabled manually, navigate to your Manager Dashboard: Location Settings > Edit > Auto Re-Enable 86'd Products is turned ON/OFF

Click the three lines in the upper left corner:

Press products: 

Press the item you would like to 86, then press 86. 

If you navigate to manage options at the top you can then 86/disable individual modifiers: 

If you press the french fry icon on the top right, you can bulk 86 and disable options. 

On the top left side of your KDS, you can view all 86'd products and re-enable them. 

Product Delays

Product delays are set in the KDS, but appear directly on the guest facing menu. If using the countdown mode on the KDS, the delay time is added to the total ticket prep time.

Hit ≡, then click products. You can filter by the station the item is routed to.

Press the product you need to delay then press DELAYS

You will choose one of the following delays: 

If you navigate back to the tickets screen, on the top left, click delays, then you can tap any item to remove the delay.

Product delay on the guest-facing menu:

Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 8.07.32 AM