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Coursing and Positioning

  • A new full-service dashboard has been added which allows managers to create up to ten different courses. This dashboard is accessed by a new permission: control:full-service.
  • Managers can name and specify a delay between each of their courses.
  • Servers have access to assign seats and courses when building an order. Orders will be split into their respective courses when ordered.
  • The KDS has the Same Spot Orders button which will show all orders for the spot on the specified order. This button will show for a KDS in Batch mode as well. This will allow the kitchen to see all courses for a given table.

Step 1: Enable Full Service from the Full-Service Dashboard.

Step 2: As a server, specify seat and course while ordering.

Step 3: Orders are displayed with products in their respective courses.

Step 4: After ordering, multiple orders will appear on the tab (each with a different course).

Step 5: Each order/course is displayed on the KDS with the aggregate delay between each course (e.g. the Appetizer course has no delay, Entree has a 5-minute delay after Appetizer, Dessert has a 15-minute delay after Entree. Therefore, Dessert is initially delayed 20 minutes).


  • It is beneficial to have a Now course as the first course so that the server can still specify seat/positioning.
  • The kitchen should periodically check same spot orders to ensure they aren’t missing any orders/courses that came in later.
  • Servers can select Seat 0 even though the position starts on seat 1.