7Shifts x GoTab Integration


By connecting the systems, you can now:

  • Make key operational adjustments informed by real-time sales and labor data 
  • Consult accurate sales projections to inform money-saving staffing and operational decisions 
  • Handle time tracking through the platform’s extensive scheduling capabilities 
  • Adjust payroll calculations and easily calculate server tip out using GoTab’s sales data and hourly staff data from 7shifts 

The GoTab/7shifts integration provides you with real-time sales and labor data that can help optimize your business allowing your staff to feel empowered and your guests happier.

You can read more about how a current GoTab merchant is leveraging GoTab and 7shifts together here: https://about.gotab.io/gotab-integrations-7shifts/?fbclid=IwAR00op9QtAvx1-4Any6ez345nf27DrNBclDwM97gsOUp5cxU-V4X7ywlYAE

If you would like to set up 7Shifts at your location, please reach out to support@gotab.io or your dedicated Customer Success Manager.